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Technology, regulation and investor behavior has completely changed the asset management landscape. Gone are the days where you and a couple of friends simply create a hedge fund or a wealth management business, print a business card, publish a pro-forma track record and call up your friends and family to seed your new business. Those days are long gone. Technology and Regulation together have created the need for an entirely new fund order.

Just like professional athletes and CEO's hire a coach and advisors to accelerate their success, so should wealth managers and financial advisors. Global Fund Advisor, a Global Fund Exchange Holdings business is the top strategic and tactical coach and advisor to the world's elite emerging wealth managers, helping them to transform their businesses into highly profitable and sustainable businesses that truly leave a lasting legacy. Formed by Lauralouise and Anric Blatt after decades of interviewing, selecting and investing in emerging managers, together with their team, they are truly making a difference to create impressive and sustainable businesses.



The single most important factor is to create a compelling vision and identity


Identifying, finding and getting in front of the right clients with the right message


Design of a purpose built & scalable sales funnel automator & lead capturing machine

Bullet Proof

Design your business with robust and unbreakable processes and clients . . .

Disaster Prevention

Together we can prepare, prevent & mitigate risks from disaster, fraud

Due Diligence Reinvention

Correctly structured and communicated, this aspet could be one of your greatest sales aids .. More

Winning Presentations

Instead of Death by Powerpoint, create winning presentations that eliminate the need for closing More

Building a Tribe of Raving Fans

Harness technology to build a tribe of raving fan clients & prospects that love investing with you More

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Trusted advisor, counsellor and coach to many of the world's most dynamic wealth management businesses


Lauralouise Blatt is a Principal and CEO of Global Fund Exchange since 2006. The group has launched in excess of USD$ 1.8 billion in hedge fund products. She has spent over 25 years running the operations, due diligence, administration and compliance for investment funds around the world including Europe, Russia, Asia and South America in global macro, energy, emerging markets, and private equities. Lauralouise has extensive experience in risk management, manager due diligence, legal, compliance, product structuring …. [more]


Anric Blatt is a globally connected serial entrepreneur focused on investment management, hedge fund and Fintech sectors. A business builder, consultant and non-executive director & advisor to funds, foundations and philanthropic organizations. Mr Blatt has founded and built several multi-billion dollar investment businesses, developed several major brands, platforms and funds and has served on the board of over 50 investment companies, trusts and funds in all of the major financial jurisdictions on 4 continents across the globe …… [more]