Our Modules

We are in the business of helping our raving fan clients transform their businesses into highly profitable and sustainable businesses that truly make a difference and leave a powerful legacy. The Modules below form the basis of our engagement and value add

Some of our Modules


In today’s highly crowded market place - buyers (investors who trust you and need you) are more distracted than ever. Bombarded by over 30,000 marketing impulses per day, it is essential that we help you design your VISION, BRAND and IDENTITY and teach you and your team to communicate this effectively, together with your VIRTUES, SKILLS and EXPERTISE to the right target audience. Your message must be sincere, congruent, useful and highly impactful at all levels so that the prospective client WANTS TO SEE YOU, HEAR FROM YOU AND DO BUSINESS WITH YOU. This is critical.



Most managers burn up 99% of their time using a shotgun approach with a bland message delivered through an undisciplined process to basically anyone that will listen (or pretend to). In the process they will dilute their message, bark up the wrong trees and waste scarce time, resources and money on getting nowhere. Sound familiar ? No MORE !! Well today is the day that all changes. We will help you IDENTIFY THE RIGHT CLIENTS, ascertain how to REACH THEM and DESIGN A STRATEGY that puts you in front of the right client with the right message using a process that will MAKE THEM TRUST YOU, WANT TO DO BUSINESS WITH YOU AND BE A PART OF YOUR SUCCESS



When a portfolio manager designs his trading process, his investment thesis and his rules of engagement - he spends significant resources, hires advisors, institutes a system of checks and balances, models numerous ‘what if” scenarios and designs a process that works most of the time, limits his losses, takes profits along the way and so on. When Mercedes Benz manufactures its twin supercharged AMG V8’s - it adheres to a well planned, optimized and highly disciplined process that leaves very little room for error, none in fact.
So why is it that a talented super smart portfolio manager neglects this part of his / her business ? Why is it that an athlete hires a coach before he gets to the top of his game, yet most talented wealth creators and wealth managers do not ? THAT ENDS TODAY - Together, we will DESIGN THE PERFECT SALES PROCESS, ideally automated, sequential and scalable to deliver YOUR VISION AND MESSAGE (from Module 1) to the IDEAL TARGET CLIENTS (from model 2) to not only promote you to investors that are ready to buy today (only 3% of the market) but to PROMOTE YOU TO THE OTHER 67% that you don’t know about yet.



Just like a successful football team has a coach, often several to focus on OFFENSE (making money, selling product, getting known) and DEFENSE (protecting the portfolio, minimizing losses, worst case scenario models), a team needs a CEO with directors and advisors that can focus on building the brand, acquiring the right kind of clients, keeping those clients happy, protecting the team from legal issues, reputational damage, empowering the team to keep growing and giving their best, preventing poachers from stealing your fans (clients & prospects) and your players and pricing your MVP out of reach. Every business designed from the outset to be successful should be designed with the aim of selling it, even if it is intended for your children one day. A business that can thrive without you, the MVP is a business that is attractive to large institutional clients. A business with a valuable exit strategy is a business that allows you to sleep at night and EMPOWERS YOU TO BRING YOUR BEST CONTRIBUTION in the role that you are best at. During this module we help you work ON YOUR BUSINESS so that you can bring your A-GAME in your business.



Continuing on from Module 4 - Our specialists will work with you, your team and your service providers to DESIGN A ROBUST BUSINESS TO WITHSTAND ALMOST ANY DISASTER. Using practical and cost effective tools, we will assist you to transform your business so that unforeseen disasters, fraud, power failures, MVP defections are minimized and addressed wherever possible. Compliance, Fraud Prevention and Disaster Recover and Mitigation are some of the best sales tools inside your arsenal and we will show you how to make these one of your key selling points that differentiate your from your competitors, allow you to sleep at night and when ready, exit your business with a reward that makes all this hard work worthwhile.



- Creating a Virtual Coffee Shop to help you sell
- Due Diligence Reinvented so it closes bigger deals
- Making winning presentations that eliminate the need to ‘close’
- Building a tribe of raving fans (clients, prospects, introducers)
- Conference hacks and how to get everyone talking
- Time management hacks that allow you to fulfill your vision
- Social Media – LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Medium, Disqus, Reddit and how to use it to your advantage instead of just a distraction


Independent Directors

Here's a novel idea - instead of paying disinterested 'beige' directors with conflicts of interests to 'advise' your fund, why not employ highly experienced & connected investors, allocators & business builders the same fee and have them help you build your business ?

How we work.

1 The first step is to have an introductory coffee meeting or a virtual meeting. We will take a good look to ascertain whether we can be of service to you, apply some of our solutions and are a good fit for you. We believe in only win-win business and will always be forthright and professional. If we can't help you, we probably know who can. Schedule it now

2 Assuming that we are the right fit for each other and that we can help you, we will outline in writing what our procedure is, which modules we are going to be covering and agree on a 6month or 12 month consulting agreement. Everything is laid out clearly from the beginning and then flawlessly executed. We want you to win

3 Every week / month (as agreed) we will be connecting in person or by video chat to summarize progress and deliverables from the last meeting, follow up on any outstanding tasks, cover the content of the next module, agree on key tasks and schedule our next meeting. It's imperative that both sides deliver and perform to make this a winning partnership.

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