Schedule your introductory strategy session now

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You can’t e-mail a handshake or fedex a cup of coffee – but we have to start somewhere. So let’s schedule a time using my Calendly link so we can avoid the back and forth of finding a time? The only thing we ask is that once confirmed, you commit to turning up on time and come to the meeting with good intentions, a positive attitude. Please note – GLOBAL FUND ADVISORS IS AN ADVISOR AND CONSULTANT NOT A THIRD PARTY MARKETER OR SALES ORGANIZATION. WE ARE NOT A FINRA-LICENSED BROKER-DEALER. WE ARE UNABLE TO SELL SECURITIES, RECEIVE COMPENSATION FROM COMMISSIONS, TRANSACTION-RELATED PERFORMANCE AND ACTIVITIES OR ON A SUCCESS-FEE BASIS.

Ray Dalio being interviewed by Tony Robbins

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Here’s a great video with loads of golden nuggets in it. Ray Dalio (Bridgewater) being interviewed by the big guy himself. Tony Robbins does a great job with one of the smartest minds in finance alive today.

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Top 25 global wealth management firms – who wins

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LONDON – Assets Under Management (AUM) at the top 25 global wealth management operators grew 17.0% on average this year, finds Scorpio Partnership’s 2018 Global Private Banking Benchmark. This means the top 25 operators now collectively manage USD16.2 trillion. Just as a rising tide raises all boats, wealth managers were able to capitalize on favorable market conditions in 2017 as a core driver of growth. The FTSE All-World Index advanced nearly 22% during the year and global economic growth was estimated to have reached 3%, an uptick from 2.4% in 2016. However, there were also positive indicators that firms achieved greater success in drawing additional assets from new and existing clients in 2017. On average, the contribution of Net New …

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Financial crisis: Lessons learned by advisors

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This is a terrific lookback article written in 2013 that should really give us some food for pause – thought and rethinking of the way Financial Advisors do business ….. so given that we know that “this time it’s different” is never actually true – surely advisors should look at changing their business models before the next inevitable downturn or sell-off. “By 2020, non-fiduciary advisors — i.e., brokers — will be well on their way to complete extinction,” says Larry Miles, principal at AdvicePeriod in Los Angeles. “Consumers will have finally rejected advisors who are not legally obligated to do what is in their clients’ best interests.” …. mmmm … interesting Original article by Ilana Polyak, Special to – click here to …