Should you ever say “Thank you for your time” to a prospective client

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This week I was chatting with a very enterprising energy manager from Houston, who true to his polite Texan manners, immediately thanked me for my time. Now almost every piece of sales literature that I’ve ever read suggests that you don’t start a meeting or an e-mail thanking your ‘opponent’ for his time as it implies that your time (and value) is less valuable than theirs. This immediately puts you at a negotiation or sales disadvantage.

As the late and oh so great Chet Holmes said in his book* “They begin with an opening that is not personal and, in fact, belittles the salesperson. As stated, never apologize for taking their time. You must feel that your time is also valuable and they are lucky to be meeting with you because you are bringing them important insights and solutions.”

So I have been giving this lots of thought as I too, am someone that is punctual beyond practicability and extremely conscious of taking other people’s time. The only thing that I despise more than people being late, is me being late or holding someone up; be it at golf or in a supermarket. In fact, my wife and kids make fun of me as I get so frazzled in a supermarket checkout process that I try to optimize the unpacking, the scanning, the re-packing and will often help the people behind me and in front of me get ‘optimized’. Allegedly it annoys people.

Anyway, back to the subject “Thanking people for their time” – so I have decided on a compromise; how about saying “Thank you for investing your time and attention in our meeting today – I hope to always be a good investment and I try to only meet with people of a similar calibre

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* Holmes, Chet. The Ultimate Sales Machine: Turbocharge Your Business with Relentless Focus on 12 Key Strategies (Kindle Locations 3795-3797). Penguin Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.