Supercharge your sales process with these 6 Outlook add-ins

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Feel like having a coffee meeting with a prospective client without ever leaving your desk ? Need to build a scalable, efficient and auditable sales process to capture leads, integrate these with your CRM, control the sales process ? Engage your client ? Want to stop wasting time scheduling meetings, webinars and sales calls ? Then you need to read this article.  Most emerging wealth managers that are struggling to fulfill their potential struggle due to lack of sales. Even though we do some pretty awesome stuff with our coaching clients, here are 6 or 7 Outlook add-ins that can supercharge your sales process (assuming you have one).

1. Learn all about your prospects with Clearbit

When we all started in this business, someone handed you a phone book and said “start calling” – The sales world is entirely different now. Modern sales are based on quality information. A super efficient salesman wants to find as much information about a prospect as possible before that all-important initial contact. Their reasoning is simple: higher-quality leads generate more revenue but are harder to reach.

Low-volume, high-quality sales techniques such as account-based sales are now becoming more popular. In these, your sales teams pre-qualify prospects, finding exactly the right investors that will succeed with your fund / service, and the key stakeholders therein that will make the decision. Only once they have all this information will they reach out.

Clearbit for Outlook gives you all the information you need on prospects directly inside Outlook. You can do two things from within the add-in:

  • Enrichment—if your sales team is being passed enquiries, leads or data from your marketing team, you can enrich each lead to find out more information before you reach out. Clearbit Enrichment lets you take a single email address and turn it into personal information such as names, titles, and roles, and find company information such as size, industry, and current investments.
  • Prospecting—if you are contacting cold, then Clearbit Prospector allows you to find the right people at your target companies. You can enter the domain of the company you want to prospect, then the title or name of the person you are interested in. You’ll then get their email address so that you can reach out.

2. Connect with prospects repeatably using WittyParrot

The point of building a process is to build something repeatable, and that will have consistent results and save time.

Time is the most precious asset for a business development executive. They have to do the research above, then reach out to each new lead. This is all before they actually get anywhere near the ‘selling’ part of the sales process. This reach out stage poses a catch-22 though for reps. It needs to be quick so they can get through their quota each day, but it also needs to be good if they are to get any response. Usually “quick” and “good” don’t play well together.

But they can in this part of the process with templating. By building templates in WittyParrot for their most common emails, your team can reduce the act of writing and emailing new leads from minutes to just a few clicks

An email add-in for Outlook might seem redundant. But WittyParrot’s power lies in its ability to let sales reps modularize their emails. Reps write “wits,” small snippets that they can then drop into each email depending on context.


This doesn’t mean that each email to each lead is the same. Instead, after building the email from the template, your sales team can replace variables with personalized data, such as that gleaned from the Clearbit Prospector. Emails are then both produced quickly, but are also valuable and customized for each target, making sure they receive a reply.

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3. Simple one step calendar integration and meeting scheduler
4. Hold your first two meetings at your desk and qualify your leads whilst building trust and rapport
5. Closing the deal using simple integrated document solutions that will keep your compliance officer and regulator happy
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6. Track your sales process and moving every prospect one step closer each day

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