Tony Robbins on coaching Paul Tudor Jones

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  • Paul Tudor Jones has used Tony Robbins as his personal coach for the last 24 years
  • Tony Robbins has coached investor Paul Tudor Jones since 1993.
  • Jones credits him with helping him regain success in the markets.
  • They have daily correspondence over email and meet in person quarterly.

For billionaire investor Paul Tudor Jones, Tony Robbins is a unique combination of therapist, trainer, and adviser.

Tony Robbins is best known for selling millions of his books and audio tapes and packing stadiums for seminars over more than 30 years, but also maintains a small batch of personal clients— Jones has been one since 1993. He emails Robbins daily (before email, they used the phone or fax to do the same) and checks in for a 1-2 hour intensive in-person session quarterly. He pays Robbins a $1 million annual fee, along with an undisclosed portion of profit he made that year.

“The amazing thing about Tony is how he can deconstruct what drives certain behaviors and help you develop a plan for action with carefully considered risk and reward propositions,” Jones told Business Insider in an email.

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